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LaRS – Language Repository of Switzerland

Language Repository of Switzerland

Mission Statement

The Language Repository of Switzerland (LaRS) is a national platform for the publication of linguistic research data. LaRS uses SWISSUbase as its repository system. It provides Swiss research institutions with a reliable data infrastructure. LaRS facilitates access to research data and projects across the linguistic domain. Furthermore, a team of data curators contribute towards a high level of data and metadata quality.


LaRS uses SWISSUbase as its repository system. SWISSUbase facilitates access to research data and projects across different disciplines and provides Swiss research institutions with a reliable data infrastructure.

SWISSUbase is operated in partnership between FORS and the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne. The following Data Service Units (DSUs) use SWISSUbase, and additional partners and DSUs are welcome:


LaRS @ SWISSUbase is the data repository for CLARIN-CH, the Swiss node of CLARIN (short for Common Language Resources and Language Technology). CLARIN is a pan-european digital infrastructure which provides easy and sustainable access to a broad range of language data and tools. In Switzerland, CLARIN-CH adresses the needs of Swiss researchers working with language data when it comes to the collection, protection, sharing and preservation of research data in the context of Open Science and FAIR principles, provides support and fosters cooperation.

Who can use LaRS?

Researchers in linguistics at PhD level and above can publish and archive data free of charge. The requirements are institutional representation in the CLARIN CH consortium and a SWITCH edu-ID.

Why publish on LaRS?

  • You meet the requirements of Swiss and international funding agencies that call for the publication of research data.
  • LaRS facilitates the implementation of the FAIR principles.
  • You increase the findability of your datasets using linguistic metadata.
  • A data curation team reviews the metadata entered and ensures the long-term availability of the datasets.
  • You can publish openly for all (using Creative Commons licenses) or via closed contract, which requires a SWISSUbase login to download the data. Additionally, you can release data only upon request.
  • Your datasets are assigned a persistent identifier (DOI).
  • The data are exclusively stored on Swiss servers (SWITCH).

For which data is LaRS suitable?

LaRS allows you to publish and archive data collections in file form. You can publish all types of data (text, audio, video, image, programming scripts etc.) as long as their format is suitable for long-term storage.
In addition, you must comply with data protection regulations. The publication of sufficient documentation material is recommended and required by research funders. Please refer to the LaRS Policy

How can I publish or archive data on LaRS?

Log in to with your SWITCH edu-ID and choose “Linguistics” as scientific domain. You can find more information on the SWISSUbase website.

General user guide SWISSUbase

Resources specific to Linguistics

Where to get more information on data processing and conversion?

LaRS works closely with LiRI (Linguistic Research Infrastructure). If you are interested in processing data and preparing it for long-term archiving, contact us at:

Where to get more information on standard data formats?

CLARIN CH provides some information and recommendations for researchers regarding standard data formats.

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Questions about LaRS or SWISSUbase?

Christian Futter, Dr. des.

Stefanie Strebel, Dr.

Questions about data processing and conversion with LiRI?